An Encouraging Word from a Tender-Hearted Pastor

“Remember your high calling, you are a minister and ambassador of Christ, you are entrusted with the most honourable and important employment that can engage and animate the heart of man. Filled and fired with a constraining sense of the love of Jesus and the worth of souls; impressed with an ardour to carry war into Satan’s Kingdom—to storm his strongholds and rescue his captives, you will have little leisure to think of anything else. How does the love of glory stimulate the soldier—make him forget and forego a thousand personal tendernesses and prompt him to cross oceans, to traverse deserts, to scale mountains, and plunge into the greatest hardships and the thickest dangers? They do it for a corruptible crown, a puff of smoke, an empty fame. We likewise are soldiers, we have a Captain and a Prince Who deserves our all.”

John Newton

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