A Primer on Family Worship

I.         What is family worship?A.    What is worship?A Working Definition:“To worship the triune God is …                                    to quicken the conscience by His holiness                                    to feed the mind with His truth                                    to purge the imagination by His beauty                                    to open the heart to His love and to devote the will to His purpose.B.        What then is … Continue reading A Primer on Family Worship

Grace to Fulfill Our Parental Calling #2

Parents worthy of honor are energized for their task by the power of the Holy Spirit and the gospel of grace.  Thus, they daily preach the gospel to themselves and are diligent to shepherd their children in the same manner. The Swiss Cheese Effect of the Ten Commandments. The Apostle Paul in Romans 7:7-8 spells … Continue reading Grace to Fulfill Our Parental Calling #2