Revival: The Last Hope for the Church in Our Day

What would happen if a true heaven-sent revival came to your church today. Below are a few outcomes that I have adapted and expounded upon from Iain Murray. If revival came to our church, it would... Energize worship - A spontaneous energizing of our body by the Holy Spirit to worship the living God. “In … Continue reading Revival: The Last Hope for the Church in Our Day

Four Movements in Corporate Worship

Corporate worship contains four basic movements: Glory, guilt, grace, and gratitude. The wonderful hymn of praise “God, All Nature Sings Thy Glory” beautifully illustrates this. Glory: The radiant beauty of our God is seen in all that He has made, especially the pinnacle of His creation – man. The only fitting response is to worship … Continue reading Four Movements in Corporate Worship

We Delight in God’s Worship

Membership Vow #4                       Do you promise to support the church in its worship to the best of your ability? Core Value: WORSHIP Core Value: We believe that the gospel liberates and compels us to worship and cherish the one, true, living God. Outcome: We will be spiritually renewed and refreshed by regular, transforming encounters … Continue reading We Delight in God’s Worship

Prayer of Confession of Sin – Philippians 2:1-11

Holy and gracious Father, You have a most scandalous way of rescuing proud people: The One who possesses real authority to assert His rights lays them aside to humbly serve and die for us. We beseech Your forgiveness for our pride which has destroyed our ability to truly love and care for others. We confess … Continue reading Prayer of Confession of Sin – Philippians 2:1-11

Why We Need the Book at the End of the Bible

How easy it is to become distracted, depressed, angry, and frustrated when looking out at our troubled and fallen world. The Apostle John in the book of Revelation offers us another alternative. It is to worship: “To quicken [your] conscience by the holiness of God,to feed [your] mind with the truth of God,to purge [your] … Continue reading Why We Need the Book at the End of the Bible

When You Come Together

The Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 11 teaches us what not to do and what to do "when we come together" (1 Corinthians 11:18,20). We are not to sow the seeds of division in the body of Christ. We are to celebrate regularly Communion... the Lord's Supper... the Eucharist in our local assembly of believers. … Continue reading When You Come Together

Prayers of Intercession – Psalm 95

Intercession is asking the Lord to meet the needs of others - your family, friends, co-workers, church, etc. May the worship of you, the living God, become the most important task of their daily lives and the activity around which they center their weekly lives. Grant them a renewed commitment to corporate worship and may … Continue reading Prayers of Intercession – Psalm 95

Prayers of Consecration – Psalm 95

When we pray prayers of consecration, we are asking the Lord in specific ways to set us apart so that He might enable us to obey His revealed will. Therefore, we ask: What should I commit to do based on this passage? How would I live differently if the truths of this passage were more … Continue reading Prayers of Consecration – Psalm 95

Taking Time to Examine Yourself

Why do followers of Jesus take time to regularly confess their sins to God? The regular discipline of confession enables us to grasp more fully the beauty and wonder of grace as we are made continually aware of the depth of our need of God’s unmerited favor. Christopher Ash explains: We desire “to encourage self-examination … Continue reading Taking Time to Examine Yourself