For Those Experiencing Great Grief and Loss

How do followers of Jesus respond when we or those whom we love experience great grief and loss? We grieve and lament. It is important that we allow ourselves to grieve. Jesus wept before the tomb of his friend Lazarus. Isaiah called him the suffering servant of the Lord who was well-acquainted with grief. Our … Continue reading For Those Experiencing Great Grief and Loss

How Jesus Followers Face Injustice

The crescendo of voices crying out for justice in our land reminds me of Jesus' parable of the persistent widow against whom a great injustice had been committed and the unjust judge. Widows back in Jesus' day were very vulnerable and often taken advantage of. The Persistent Widow and the Unjust Judge Jesus says, in … Continue reading How Jesus Followers Face Injustice

Prayers of Intercession – Psalm 95

Intercession is asking the Lord to meet the needs of others - your family, friends, co-workers, church, etc. May the worship of you, the living God, become the most important task of their daily lives and the activity around which they center their weekly lives. Grant them a renewed commitment to corporate worship and may … Continue reading Prayers of Intercession – Psalm 95

Prayers of Consecration – Psalm 95

When we pray prayers of consecration, we are asking the Lord in specific ways to set us apart so that He might enable us to obey His revealed will. Therefore, we ask: What should I commit to do based on this passage? How would I live differently if the truths of this passage were more … Continue reading Prayers of Consecration – Psalm 95

Psalm 51 and Becoming a Chief Repenter

Last evening I led a seminar on "The Gospel-Centered Parent." We talked about what it looks like to become the chief repenter in our families. The classic text on repentance is the penitential Psalm... Psalm 51, where David confesses and repents of his sins of adultery and murder. Here is a simple thought and a … Continue reading Psalm 51 and Becoming a Chief Repenter

Hope for the Hopeless

From Isaiah 61:1-3... To those who think that their lives are so broken that they have no more heart to try… To those who are bound up in various addictions and besetting sins so that real liberty seems like a cruel mirage… To those who think they will never experience again the favor of the … Continue reading Hope for the Hopeless

The Power of Gospel Freedom

Let me encourage you to go see the movie "Harriet" that chronicles the life of Harriet Tubman. I was moved by her undaunted courage, her strong faith, and her perseverance through overwhelming circumstances. Her first act as a free woman was profoundly simple. After crossing the Pennsylvania state boundary line in September 1849, she says, … Continue reading The Power of Gospel Freedom