Do You Believe the Bible is God’s Word?

There are forces afoot today that would cause you and me to doubt the veracity, authority, and sufficiency of the Bible as God’s Word. This phenomenon is not unique to our time. Recall the tactics of the ancient serpent in his temptation of Eve in Genesis 3: “Did God really say?...” Therefore, it behooves us … Continue reading Do You Believe the Bible is God’s Word?

Why Read Your Bible? Eight Reasons from J.C. Ryle

One of my favorite authors and pastors from a previous generation is John Charles Ryle. He was a pastor in Liverpool, England back in the 1800s. Here are a few excerpts from a book entitled Practical Religion that I am presently reading. This chapter is simply entitled "Bible Reading." There is hardly any discipline more … Continue reading Why Read Your Bible? Eight Reasons from J.C. Ryle

A Presidential Address on the Bible

One hundred years ago, our President at the time, Woodrow Wilson, gave an important speech. The year was 1911. It was perhaps the last time a speech like this was ever given by an American president. It was a public address devoted completely to the Bible and its importance to our survival as a nation. … Continue reading A Presidential Address on the Bible

What is a Christian?

Here is a sound definition from James I. Packer in his classic book Knowing God in the chapter "Thy Word is Truth:" "A person who acknowledges and lives under the Word of  God. He submits without reserve to the Word of God written in 'the Scripture of truth' (Daniel 10:21), believing the teaching, trusting the promises, … Continue reading What is a Christian?

Resolve to Read the Bible Through This Year

Only 16 percent of Christians recently polled said they read their Bibles daily. Now, reading your Bible daily will not gain you brownie points with God, but it will change your life. For all of us, reading the Bible completely through is a bit intimating. We get bogged down in the book of Leviticus and … Continue reading Resolve to Read the Bible Through This Year

CT – Verses most quoted after the death of Osama bin Laden

'Do Not Gloat' vs. 'Joy to the Righteous' Editor's note: President Barack Obama's news that al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was killed after a firefight in Abbottabad, Pakistan, sparked one of Twitter's heaviest usage periods ever, with more than 4,000 tweets a second. The event was even reported live on Twitter, with Donald Rumsfeld's … Continue reading CT – Verses most quoted after the death of Osama bin Laden

John R. Mott – Missionary Statesman

In 1891, Kynaston Studd was booked to speak at the YMCA at Cornell University. A rather indifferent Midwesterner student was invited that night to this gathering of college students and only at the last minute decided even to go. Entering late, he was riveted when he heard Studd quote three short sentences from the Bible: … Continue reading John R. Mott – Missionary Statesman

Reflections for Palm Sunday Worship

No word in my vocabulary expressed deeper hatred than the word interference. And the Bible placed at the center what seemed to me a Transcendental Interferer. —  C.S. Lewis Glorious as Jesus is in Himself, as a conqueror over death, and hell, and the grave, the Son of God is still ‘meek and lowly of … Continue reading Reflections for Palm Sunday Worship