A Renewed Hunger for the Word of God

God has used the Book of Common Prayer and its wonderful collects (prayers of preparation) written mostly by Thomas Cranmer to enrich my own prayer life and walk with God. The prayer written for the Sunday closest to November 16 is my personal favorite: Blessed Lord, who has caused all Holy Scriptures to be written … Continue reading A Renewed Hunger for the Word of God

Treasuring God’s Word

Here is a short devotional guide on what it looks like to truly treasure God's Word. What is the process involved in learning to treasure God’s Word? This is the Word hand from a ministry called the Navigators. Hear it (Romans 10:17), read it (Deuteronomy 17:19), study it (Ezra 7:10), memorize it (Psalm 119:9-11), and … Continue reading Treasuring God’s Word

Prayer of Confession of Sin – Psalm 95

According to a simple reading of Psalm 95, My love, adoration and joy in you has been too measured and too contained.  Tim and Kathy Keller write in their devotional on this Psalm: "When the love of the immeasurably great and transcendent God of the universe becomes real to us, the joy should be uncontainable.”My … Continue reading Prayer of Confession of Sin – Psalm 95

One Way to Pray for Yourself Before Sunday

Have you or someone you know ever said, "Well, I didn't get much out of that sermon." Certainly most pastors are pretty self-critical of their attempts at preaching God's Word and can do a poor job at setting forth the wonderful truths and treasures of God's Word. Yet, you have a responsibility to prepare yourself … Continue reading One Way to Pray for Yourself Before Sunday

One Reason to Pray for Your Church & Pastor Today

There are many reasons to pray for your church and her ministries. Westminster Larger Catechism Question 159 sets forth not only the way pastors are to preach, but also how they are to lead in ministry. To do the following well, your pastor and church desperately needs your prayers! How is the Word of God … Continue reading One Reason to Pray for Your Church & Pastor Today

The Power of the Preached Word

Have you ever wondered why the church devotes so much time to the reading and preaching of God’s Word? Like doubting Thomas, we all struggle with unbelief. The Apostle Paul reminds us of the antidote: “Faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ” (Romans 10:17). In our natural condition, all of us … Continue reading The Power of the Preached Word

Growing Strong in Trusting His Promises – Romans 4:17-21

ASPIRE: How do we grow strong in our faith?  How do I strengthen my capacity to trust the Lord? 1.         We grow strong in faith as we know what "is written" (v.17).  One must know well God's promises before you can trust them.  You must know someone well before you have a greater capacity to … Continue reading Growing Strong in Trusting His Promises – Romans 4:17-21

Lord, grant to me and those I love…

a greater sense of the assurance of our salvation,a growing willingness to obey Jesus' word,a growing burden to see Jesus exalted and enthroned in the hearts and lives of others,a growing ability to smile at the future.a growing desire to worship the Lord joyfullya growing willingness to surrender all to Jesus. Prayers from a devotional … Continue reading Lord, grant to me and those I love…

Word-Saturated Worship

Scripture suffuses every part of our worship services. We call one another to our awesome task of worshipping God with Scripture. We sing God’s praise with psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs in order to make God’s Word memorable and vivid. The Spirit uses God’s Word to convict us of sin and to show us our … Continue reading Word-Saturated Worship

What is a Christian?

Here is a sound definition from James I. Packer in his classic book Knowing God in the chapter "Thy Word is Truth:" "A person who acknowledges and lives under the Word of  God. He submits without reserve to the Word of God written in 'the Scripture of truth' (Daniel 10:21), believing the teaching, trusting the promises, … Continue reading What is a Christian?