The Irresistible Magnetism of a Loving Church

Where true love flourishes, its magnetism is all but irresistible. As the late Bishop Stephen C. Neill has written, “Within the fellowship of those who are bound together by personal loyalty to Jesus Christ, the relationship of love reaches an intimacy and intensity unknown elsewhere. Friendship between the friends of Jesus of Nazareth is unlike … Continue reading The Irresistible Magnetism of a Loving Church

Struggling with Change at Church

Are you struggling with a change at your church? Maybe a change of leadership, a change in ministry direction, a change of a particular style, or a change in your ministry focus. Here is a good and encouraging word from a seasoned pastor, John Stott: “Change is painful to us all, especially when it affects … Continue reading Struggling with Change at Church

The Ultimate Hindrance to Our Church’s Mission

I came across this challenging quote in my study of Jesus' High Priestly Prayer in John's Gospel. What do you think of John Milne’s comment on John 17:21 and 23? “The biggest barriers to effective evangelism according to the prayer of Jesus are not so much outdated methods, or inadequate presentations of the gospel, as … Continue reading The Ultimate Hindrance to Our Church’s Mission

God’s Vision for His Church

God’s vision for His new community - the church. It is His family which He loves, His kingdom which He rules and His temple in which He dwells.   As this reality dawns in our hearts, we “shall constantly be seeking to make our church’s worship more authentic, its fellowship more caring, and its outreach more compassionate. … Continue reading God’s Vision for His Church

Our Journey to God in Some Poky Little Church

In chapter two of his book The Four Loves, C. S. Lewis points out that nature, for all its staggering beauty, is limited for the seeker of God; natural beauty can't communicate God's truths about salvation and about the contemplative life of following Christ. "Nature cannot satisfy the desires she arouses nor answer theological questions … Continue reading Our Journey to God in Some Poky Little Church

To Be Trusted

“Trusted” serves as a compelling theme for our church's stewardship campaign this year! It leaves you wondering who is trusting whom. Are we trusting God in our investment of His resources or does God trust us with His resources? Well, like in many similar dilemmas, it is not either/or but both/and. Stewardship always involves us … Continue reading To Be Trusted

“What kind of pastor would you like as your pastor?”

The Apostle Paul reminds Timothy and us that pastors and all church leaders must be those who "hold of the deep truths of the faith with a clear conscience" (1 Timothy 3:9). This hit me with new force today in light of recent pastor scandals in the evangelical church in America. Alexander McColl once asked … Continue reading “What kind of pastor would you like as your pastor?”

John Murray’s Counsel to Church Leaders

"Spend at least fifteen minutes every day meditating on some word of God connected with His promises to His church -- and then plead with Him for its fulfillment."   A great place to start might be Jesus' promise in Matthew 16:18b: I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail … Continue reading John Murray’s Counsel to Church Leaders

Three Priorities During A Season of Change

What are we to focus on during times of organizational change? Here are three priorities for leaders during a season of significant change in your church's life: a. Hospitality: Express biblical love for strangers. This is the literal definition of hospitality in the original New Testament. We are called to welcome and listen to those who … Continue reading Three Priorities During A Season of Change