Come Holy Spirit – A Prayer

O Holy Spirit, as sacred oil, anoint us and
Set us apart to the priesthood of all believers.
As the only truly purifying water, cleanse us from the power of sin
And set us apart to live godly lives,
Working in us to will and to do the Lord’s good pleasure.
As the light, reveal to us our lost estate,
As well as the Lord Jesus to us and in us,
And guide us in the way of righteousness.
As fire, both purge us from dross, and set our hearts ablaze for You.
As heavenly dew, remove our barrenness and fertilize our lives.
As the dove, with wings of peaceful love,
Brood over Christ’s church and over our souls.
As the comforter, dispel the cares and doubts which mar our peace
And bear witness to our sonship by working in us
A filial spirit by which we cry Abba, Father.
As the wind, bring the breath of life to us; blowing us into your safe harbor.

For we pray in the name of our beloved Savior on whom You continue to shine the spotlight! AMEN.
— Adapted from Charles Spurgeon, Morning and Evening

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