Praying Scripture | Revelation 22:6–21

Preparation: Pray and Read Through Your Passage Record your prayer for God’s help. Father, your desire to reveal your will and plan to your servants is greater than our desire to know it. As we study your Word, grant us a growing capacity to trust and obey you in all things. For, you promise to … Continue reading Praying Scripture | Revelation 22:6–21

Praying Scripture | Revelation 21:1–8

Preparation: Pray and Read Through Your Passage Holy Father, the pressure to compromise our allegiance to Jesus Christ is great. Galvanize us with fresh courage by opening our eyes to the wonderful ending of the story of human history and what awaits in the future. AMEN Adoration: Praise God for Who He Is What should … Continue reading Praying Scripture | Revelation 21:1–8

Is there any hope for the church?

Our world seems to be descending more and more into moral chaos and confusion as moral relativism and secularism wreck havoc on people's lives. Rather than the church of Jesus stepping up to provide the gospel cure and model a better way forward, the church and many of her leaders seem to have been ensnared … Continue reading Is there any hope for the church?

Hope for the Hopeless

From Isaiah 61:1-3... To those who think that their lives are so broken that they have no more heart to try… To those who are bound up in various addictions and besetting sins so that real liberty seems like a cruel mirage… To those who think they will never experience again the favor of the … Continue reading Hope for the Hopeless

The Power of the Word of God in a Young Pastor’s Life

J.I. Packer, as a young pastor, found himself “marginalized, isolated and required to work on unfulfilling and flawed agendas, in a manner that made him think of the Israelites having to make bricks for Pharaoh.” He claims to have lived “like Moses in Midian, with frustration in [his] heart, wondering what God could possibly be … Continue reading The Power of the Word of God in a Young Pastor’s Life

Hope for Aging Saints When the Storms of Life Come

I am starting to read a book that was authored by a friend, Dr. Michael Parker. It is entitled A Vision for An Aging Church: Renewing Ministry by and for Seniors. Here's an encouraging nugget in the prologue. The majority of older Christians, by virtue of living so long, have experienced the hopelessness of soul … Continue reading Hope for Aging Saints When the Storms of Life Come

An Interview Worth Watching

If you missed this interview done by Rick Karle of Fox 6 Sports that was shown this past Saturday, let me urge you to take a few minutes and watch it. I would especially commend to you the words of Ashley Harrison's mom at the end of the interview. It's powerful, comforting, and tearful! reading An Interview Worth Watching