The Struggle to Forgive

If you are struggling to forgive someone who has hurt, offended, or wronged you, then I would encourage you to read and reflect on the following prayer and Scriptures: Father, thank you that there is One who into earth’s bitter waters of sin, injustice, hatred, and revenge poured a crimson flood to make them sweet. … Continue reading The Struggle to Forgive

Thankful for the Trinity

Recently we celebrated Trinity Sunday. The music, prayers, and Scripture readings in this worship service focus explicitly on the beauty, power, and work of the triune God. The amazing work of the Trinity is magnified in your own salvation. The Father purposed your salvation before the worlds were made. The Son secured your salvation by … Continue reading Thankful for the Trinity

Lavish Love for Returning Prodigals

The prodigal comes to a transforming experience of repentance. True repentance always issues into joy. The father takes his finest garment, worn only on special occasions or festivals, and puts it on his son -- a sure sign of acceptance to the community. The signet ring, a symbol of trust, and sandals, showing he's a … Continue reading Lavish Love for Returning Prodigals

A Devotional Guide on “Misplaced Treasure” from Luke 12:13-34

Misplaced Treasure - A Personal Worship Guide Monday: How is God calling you to personally apply Jesus’ caution in Luke 12:15? Confess to the Lord the specific ways that you have struggled with covetousness. which is a desire to acquire more and more material possessions or to possess more than other people have, irrespective of … Continue reading A Devotional Guide on “Misplaced Treasure” from Luke 12:13-34

Prayer of Confession of Sin – Based on Luke 12:32-48

Generous Father, Giving causes You great happiness. Thank you for gladly desiring to give us the Kingdom of Heaven. Forgive us for doubting Your generous heart. We battle unbelief and even sweat the small stuff. Fears and anxieties about temporal things consume us: What we eat, what we drink, what we wear. How we look, … Continue reading Prayer of Confession of Sin – Based on Luke 12:32-48

In the Hands of a Loving Father – A Devotional for Good Friday

Today is called Good Friday. What a strange designation! On this day, we remember the execution of a supposed criminal who threatened the power brokers of his society. Thus, he needed to be eliminated. Notice the other hands that were involved in the cruel events of Good Friday. A perfectly innocent was delivered into the … Continue reading In the Hands of a Loving Father – A Devotional for Good Friday