An Empire Builder vs. A Kingdom Seeker

An empire builder is dominated by anxiety. A kingdom seeker counts on the faithful provision of his loving Father (Matt. 6:32). Helmut Thielicke reminds us: “It is reasonable to trust in our heavenly Father’s love even in times of grievous trouble because we have been privileged to see it revealed in Christ and His cross.”

Worry is a clear indicator that we have “little faith” in what God can do (Matthew 6:30). The word in the original for “worry” means “to have an anxious concern, based on apprehension about possible danger or misfortune.” Jesus reminds us that worry is unnecessary (v. 26), it is useless (v. 27), it is blind (vv. 28-29), and it demonstrates a lack of faith (v 30).

Do you ever struggle with dominating, distracting, and distrustful cares about the things of life? These indicate for you and me that both our treasure and the heart are earthbound and not preoccupied with heaven.

“Greed can never get enough, worry is afraid it may not have enough. Worry is the emotional reward of material preoccupation” (Hughes, Vol. II, pg. 50). A kingdom seeker is beginning to learn that life is more than food and clothing in this world (v. 25).

What is it exactly that our Father promises us? The father promises us His faithful provision not necessarily freedom from trouble. He is not exempting us from working hard at making a living. He is not condoning a lackadaisical, lazy or carefree attitude toward work. Each day we are to seek God’s Kingdom (Luke 12:31), knowing that if the Father is pleased to give us his eternal Kingdom, how much will he freely give to us all things we need in order to safely arrive there!

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