Praying that We Might Praise Him Like the Children

Is Jesus as loudly praised and as greatly rejoiced in among us today as he was by the children long ago in Jerusalem?

Oh “the joy of Christ’s presence with his people. Oh, that we might have it! Bickerings soon cease, murmurings come to an end, complaints against one another, and against God’s providence are all hushed; the sense that Jesus Christ is with his people drowns every note of sorrow, and every heart is tuned to loudest notes of thankfulness.” – Charles Spurgeon

Good and gentle King Jesus, make us joyful in your house of prayer.  Remind us Lord that this church is Your house, not ours.

Make us joyful in seeing you answer our prayers.  Rekindle in our hearts a new resolve to seek you in believing prayer for the nations…  You tell us to ask of You and you will give the nations to Jesus as His inheritance…in Bulgaria, England, Peru, China, Japan, Ecuador, Mexico, Uganda, Malawi, and Liberia… In all of these countries as well as our own, transform idol worshipers into worshipers of You, the living God!

Make us joyful in seeing you work your healing power in the lives of those broken by sin.  Long ago, the lame walked, the blind saw!  Today, may Your power work to change people, to make broken people whole by Your transforming grace.

Make us joyful in seeing children (young and older) praising you with great zeal and devotion.

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