Profound Questions…Direct Answers

Right in the middle of Jesus’ bread of life discourse in John 6, He answers a couple of profound questions that people have had through the years.
First of all, is Jesus Christ the only way to God? We call this the exclusive claim of Jesus. Jesus reminds us in this verse that only those who look to the Son have eternal life. There are no others to look to in order to receive the gift of eternal life. Jesus alone has the prerogative to give this precious gift only to those whom the Father has given to the Son (6:37, 39, 44).
Secondly, can a believer lose their salvation? Many branches of the Christian church believe that you can lose your salvation. Again, Jesus teaches just the opposite: If you believe and trust in him, you have eternal life and he will raise you up on the last day. No believer will ever lose his or her salvation. Without a growing assurance of your own salvation, it is very difficult to grow to spiritual maturity because you are always wondering where you really stand with God.
Most believe that if you teach the assurance of salvation that people will abuse grace and live like hell. Actually, the opposite is true. For when you know how indebted you are to the saving grace of the Lord Jesus and how secure you are in His love, you will want to please him and live for him.
Ask the Lord to fill you today with great wonder and gratitude at how eternally secure you are in His great salvation. Think about it: You will be raised up on the last day to live for and serve your Lord forever and ever in His peaceable, everlasting kingdom!
That is something that will put a spring in your step and joy in your heart.

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