Making a Difference for Christ

Recently, one of our leaders at Trinity wrote me: “I was really moved this morning as I read a comment from David Brainerd,  “…Lord, let me make a difference for you that is utterly disproportionate to who I am..” ( John 15:5, 7-8 )

David Brainerd did not live to see his impact for the Lord in his lifetime. He died when he was 29 years old and his biggest impact for the kingdom came after his death as hundreds of men and women were challenged to invest their lives for the sake of the lost after reading his journal. The list of folks whom God led to consecrate their lives in service to Jesus were people like William Carey, Henry Martyn, and John Wesley.

There are many lessons to learn from a life like David Brainerd’s, but here’s an important one. At times when we grow discouraged about our own lack of perceived impact for Christ and the times of fruitlessness and meager results, Brainerd’s story reminds us to exercise caution in assessing own own service for Christ. We don’t know the complete story yet and will not this side of heaven.

Thus, let us take courage today from knowing that God continues to use frail and crooked sticks like us to strike the straight blows to advance His kingdom’s rule and reign in this world! This is truly the miracle of the ministry.

May He do so today through us for the glory and honor of His great name!

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