A Prayer Guide through Psalm 32

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Psalm 32

I would encourage you to read through Psalm 32 above by clicking on the link. The following is a prayer guide through Psalm 32. Reflect on the prayers below. Internalize them by reading them slowly. Then, make the ones that stand out to you your own by praying through them in your own words.

Prayer of Illumination:

Gracious God and Heavenly Father, no day of my life has passed without proving me guilty in your sight. I stand in fresh need of your blessing of forgiveness. Teach me now the liberating treasures of your truth found in Psalm 32. AMEN.

Prayers of Adoration

  • I praise you O LORD that you welcome sinners like me into your presence to confess their sins (32:5).
  • I praise you O LORD that you delight to forgive when we confess and forsake our sin (32:5).
  • I praise you O LORD that your help can be found in times of trouble as we seek you in believing prayer (32:6-7).
  • I adore you O LORD that you surround your people with your protective care (a hiding place) [32:7].
  • I adore you O LORD that you surround us with his steadfast love as we trust in Him (32:7).
  • I adore you O LORD that you offer your instruction and careful guidance to repentant sinners (32:8).

Prayers of Confession

  • The ultimate sin in this Psalm seems to be that of trying to cover my own sin. There are only two ways to live before God: Keep silent about your greatest need or confess your greatest need. Forgive me for the times that I have kept silent and tolerated what you hate (32:3-5).
  • Forgive me for the ways that I have abused your gracious pardon by continuing to tolerate what you want to kill in me – sin (32:3)!
  • How often I have been like a stubborn mule before you. Persisting in going my own way and refusing to go yours… needing a bit and bridle like a stubborn, stiff-necked mule (32:9).

Prayers of Thanksgiving

  • Thank you for showing me that forgiveness is not cheap and easy business (32:1-2).
  • Thank you that the precious blood of your only begotten Son was shed to cover my sin. He is the only one who lived perfectly with no deceit ever (32:2).
  • Thank you that Your hand O Father was heavy upon your Son at the cross so that you might always hold me in the palm of your hands… so that nothing would ever snatch me from that place of security and intimacy with you (32:4).

Prayers of Supplication (these are prayers you make for yourself)

  • That I would be quick to confess and forsake my sin when the Spirit convicts me of it (32:5).
  • That prayer would become a notable feature of my life. That I would “offer prayer to you at a time when you may be found.” (32:6)
  • That I would experience in supernatural ways in my daily life and decisions your guiding ministry of instruction, teaching, and counseling (32:8).
  • That I would know in my heart constantly that your eye is upon me which would enable me to reject sin, be killing it actively, and pursue in thought, word and deed those things that please You (32:8).
  • That I would be greater capacity to be glad in You no matter what my circumstances and that my personal and corporate worship of you would be marked mainly by JOY (32:11).

Prayers of Consecration

  • Regularly, deliberately, and carefully criticize yourself in the presence of God which is your confession. “Humble yourself in the sight of the Lord (1 Peter 5:7)” (32:5)
  • Cherish with a renewed sense of wonder his grace and forgiveness (32:5).
  • Seek out his counsel and instruction and expect his guidance (32:8).
  • Look for ways to actively cultivate a stronger capacity to trust in the Lord (32:10).

Prayers of Intercession (prayers you offer for others)

  • Develop in each member of my family a sensitive conscience that is quick to confess sin to You (32:5).
  • Move in the hearts of each one so that they cherish with a renewed sense of wonder your grace and forgiveness (32:5).
  • So work in their hearts that they recognize quickly when they are attempting to cover their own sin. May this become repugnant to them (32:3-5).
  • Grant them a hunger to spend time with you and in your Word so that they seek out your counsel and instruction and expect your guidance (32:8).
  • Show them how to actively cultivate a stronger capacity to trust in you (32:10).
  • Would you be so kind to preserve every member of my family from trouble… surround them with your salvation, deliverance, and steadfast love. May you become their hiding place like you did for David and for Corrie ten Boom in the Nazi concentration camp (32:7).
  • Deliver them from a stubborn, self-will that resists Your Spirit and Word (32:9).
  • Bring them to a place where they find their chief happiness, delight, and gladness in You, not in anything else (32:11).

These are our morning prayers we make in the mighty name of Jesus! AMEN.

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