Spiritual Friendship and Spiritual Direction

I led a group of men in our church through a study on Spiritual Friendship this summer. We used as a companion guide to the Scriptures David Benner’s book entitled Sacred Companions. He basically contends that every follower of Jesus needs two types of companions in their spiritual journey: Spiritual friends and a spiritual director. The book unpacks what he means by these terms.

Here are the discussion guides that I created for our group. They are in pdf format and are roughly two pages each.

#1 – The Transformational Journey

#2 – The Gift of Hospitality, Presence and Dialogue

#3 – The Ideals of Spiritual Friendship

#4 – Demystifying Spiritual Direction – What is Spiritual Direction?

#5 – Soul Attunement – What do spiritual directors do?

#6 – A Portrait of the Process of Spiritual Direction

#8 – Small Groups: The Most Readily Available Means

#9 – Developing a Spiritual Friendship in Marriage

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