God’s Gift of Physical Intimacy in Marriage – Proverbs 5:15-21

Desire after forbidden enjoyments naturally springs from dissatisfaction with the blessings in possession. Where contentment is not found at home — drinking out of our own cistern — it will be sought for, however vainly, abroad. Marital love is chief among the earthly goods in mercy granted by God to his fallen and rebellious creatures. Enjoy then with thankfulness your own, and desire not your neighbor’s well.

— Charles Bridges, Anglican Pastor (1794-1869 AD)

Rejoice in the wife of your youth. Regard her as the special gift of your Father’s hand. Cherish her with gentleness and purity. Whatsoever interrupts the strictest harmony in this delicate relationship opens the door to imminent temptation. Tender, well-regulated, domestic affection is the best defense against the vagrant desires of unlawful passion.


It is highly important to see physical intimacy in marriage as God-given…for history confirms that when marriage is viewed chiefly as a business arrangement, not only is God’s bounty misunderstood, but human passion seeks other outlets (cf. Proverbs 5:20).

—Derek Kidner, Cambridge Professor (1913-2008)

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