How Does the Lord Fulfill His Purpose for Us?

In Psalm 57:2, David declares who He worship and why he worships amidst great affliction and difficulty:

“I cry out to God Most High, to God who will fulfill his purpose for me.”

It is most assuring to know that God has a plan and will fulfill it. David is on the run from a ravenous King Saul. It would have been very tempting to view Saul as thwarting God’s plan to make David King of Israel.

Here’s an important question: How does the Lord often fulfill His purpose for us?

My devotional guide shares these important insights:

1. “Yes., God does “fulfill His purpose” for us.

2.  He often uses other people to do so; but

3.  They aren’t always the people we would choose to help us.”

It concludes that these are “important things to remember when you find yourself hiding out in a cave” (One Year Through the Psalms by William and Randy Petersen)

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