Confession of Sin – Palm Sunday

Forgiving Father, Your Son came as the gentle King of Glory.

He rode a donkey not a stallion.

He humbled and sacrificed himself in order to bring us peace with You.

We confess our own lack of humility. Forgive us for the lack of gentleness in our lives. Our harsh words have stirred up strife and dissension. Our angry tempers have hurt those we love.

Long ago the crowd with incessant hallelujahs greeted our Savior, but how quickly they mocked as he went lonely to the cross. Forgive us for the ways that we, too, have welcomed Him only in words and resisted His kingship.

May Your Son not find in our hearts another place of crucifixion, but a place of love, loyalty, and devotion fit for such a gentle and humble King. Mold us into the gentle ways of Jesus in whose name we pray, AMEN.

3 thoughts on “Confession of Sin – Palm Sunday

  1. a beautiful prayer. May I have permission to use this prayer in our liturgy for Palm Sunday?

    Grace & Peace,

    Rev. Rielly McLaren

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