God’s Cure for Shame – A Worship Reflection


Griffith-Thomas with his wife and daughter

W.H. Griffith-Thomas wrote a wonderful devotional commentary on Genesis. He sets forth God’s Cure for Shame in the below:

“Redemption is not only promised in Genesis 3, it is also pictured. Man attempted to cover his shame by the leaves of the fig tree, but this was far too slight a covering for so deep a shame. No human covering could suffice, and so we are told with profound significance that the ‘Lord God made coats of skins and clothed them.’ This divine clothing took the place of their own self-made clothing, and now they are clothed indeed. The mention of skins suggests the fact and necessity of death of the animal before they could be used as clothing, and it is more than probable that in this fact we have the primal revelation of sacrifice, and of the way which the robe of righteousness was to be provided for them. ‘Jesus, thy blood and righteousness. My beauty are, my glorious dress.’

— W.H. Griffith-Thomas

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