Prayers of Consecration – Psalm 95

consecrationWhen we pray prayers of consecration, we are asking the Lord in specific ways to set us apart so that He might enable us to obey His revealed will.

Therefore, we ask: What should I commit to do based on this passage? How would I live differently if the truths of this passage were more real to me?

  • Make the worship of my God the most important task of my daily life and the most central activity in the life of our church.
  • Heed every invitation to worship our great and gracious God.
  • Readily confess my need of his care and provision.
  • Confess my need of his gracious pardon of sin daily.
  • Before I open God’s Word, plead for the Lord to speak to me and reveal himself to me.
  • Lord, free me from a complaining, grumbling, and murmuring spirit that distrust your goodness, your provision, and your providential care.
  • Keep me from “going astray in my heart” and may I remain devoted supremely to you all of my life.


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