Praying Scripture | Revelation 22:6–21

Preparation: Pray and Read Through Your Passage Record your prayer for God’s help. Father, your desire to reveal your will and plan to your servants is greater than our desire to know it. As we study your Word, grant us a growing capacity to trust and obey you in all things. For, you promise to … Continue reading Praying Scripture | Revelation 22:6–21

Praying Scripture | Revelation 21:1–8

Preparation: Pray and Read Through Your Passage Holy Father, the pressure to compromise our allegiance to Jesus Christ is great. Galvanize us with fresh courage by opening our eyes to the wonderful ending of the story of human history and what awaits in the future. AMEN Adoration: Praise God for Who He Is What should … Continue reading Praying Scripture | Revelation 21:1–8

A Prayer Guide through Psalm 32

Psalm 32 I would encourage you to read through Psalm 32 above by clicking on the link. The following is a prayer guide through Psalm 32. Reflect on the prayers below. Internalize them by reading them slowly. Then, make the ones that stand out to you your own by praying through them in your own … Continue reading A Prayer Guide through Psalm 32

Prayers of Intercession – Psalm 95

Intercession is asking the Lord to meet the needs of others - your family, friends, co-workers, church, etc. May the worship of you, the living God, become the most important task of their daily lives and the activity around which they center their weekly lives. Grant them a renewed commitment to corporate worship and may … Continue reading Prayers of Intercession – Psalm 95

When You Feel Guilty About Your Prayer Life

My physical and mental weakness dictates intermittent intercession. I grow weary in prayer and my mind often wanders. I sometimes fall asleep during the most important times of intercession. But not Christ! He ever lives to make intercession for us. His intercession is unending. Day by day, hour by hour, year by year, millennium by … Continue reading When You Feel Guilty About Your Prayer Life

Jesus Steps In When Hell Endeavors to Shake Us

I loved playing and watching basketball during high school. Now, refereeing basketball is a different story. When I was in ninth-grade, I went one Saturday morning to the gym  to watch some friends playing in a church league. This day, the referee forgot to show up. Thus, I was asked to referee the game. But … Continue reading Jesus Steps In When Hell Endeavors to Shake Us