Confessing Our Sin… Experiencing His Grace

Gracious Father, to enrich us will not diminish your fullness

for all your lovingkindness is in your Son.

We come pleading His blood to pay for our debts of wrong.

Accept his worthiness for our unworthiness;

his sinlessness for our transgression;

his purity for our uncleanness;

his sincerity for our hypocrisy;

his truth for our deceits;

his meekness for our pride;

his constancy for our backslidings;

his love for our selfishness;

his fullness for our emptiness;

his faithfulness for our treachery;

his obedience for our lawlessness;

his glory for our shame;

his devotedness for our waywardness;

his holy life for our impurity;

his righteousness for our own filthy rags;

his death for our life. Amen.

– Adapted from The Valley of Vision, p. 157.

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