Prayer of Confession – Romans 8

Holy and gracious Father,
the highest court in the universe
has declared us completely forgiven, totally accepted and forever loved!”
Yet when we find ourselves
in a cauldron of adversity and difficulty, we easily succumb to despair
and our minds are seduced into believing the lie
that you really don’t care about us.
Forgive us for the ways that
we doubt Your goodness and provision.
We ask your pardon for not living in the security of Your love.
A cross was raised to demonstrate
how deeply You love us.
We confess that listening to other voices has resulted
in our spiritual undoing.
The Law scolds us reminding us of how unworthy we are of Your love.
Our past and present sin screams of our frequent failures in loving You.
Death thunders at us and threatens to cut us off from your love.
The devil deceptively roars at us saying
‘You are angry at us and will destroy us.’
But in the midst of these confusing voices,
the Spirit of Your Son cries in our hearts:
“We are more than conquerors
through Jesus who loves us.”
Give us grace to hear His voice once again… AMEN.

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