Scripture Praying from 2 Timothy

The Apostle Paul

  • O Lord, show me how to fan into a white hot flame the spiritual gifts that you have given.
  • O Lord, give me grace to endure all things for the sake of those whom You have chosen here in my city so that they also may obtain the salvation that is in Christ Jesus with eternal glory.
  • O Lord,strengthen me with Your grace.  Show me how to entrust to faithful men what you have taught me.  Who are the faithful men that you want me to instruct who will be able to teach others?
  • O Lord, make me that worker who has no need to be ashamed.  Through your Spirit, may I study diligently and handle rightly the word of truth (the gospel) to the eternal profit of those who hear me speak.
  • O Lord, make me that vessel for honorable use.  Cleanse me, set me apart, make me useful for the Master, make me ready for every good work.  The greatest need of your church Lord is my personal holiness – from the pen of Robert Murray McCheyne.
  • O Lord, give me the power of godliness.  Help me to never be content with only its appearance.
  • O Lord, make me well acquainted with your Scriptures so that I am wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus and so that I am thoroughly furnished and equipped for every good work.
  • O Lord, may I always be ready, passionate, and zealous for preaching your Word “in season and out of season.”  Show me when to reprove, when to rebuke, and when to exhort.  Help me to do all of this teaching with great patience until Christ is formed in the hearts of my listeners.
  • O Lord, give me the ability to fight the good fight, to finish well my race, and to keep the faith.  May I be one like Paul who longed and loved your appearing.
  • O Lord, keep me safe and rescue me from every evil deed and “bring me safely into (Your) heavenly kingdom.”

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