When Politics Get You Down

Take a moment to grasp again how great is our God. The Bible tells us how unlimited are His wisdom, His presence and His power. No where does the Bible set this forth more beautifully than in Psalm 139.

J.I. Packer, in his classic book entitled Knowing God, writes:

Look at the world’s great men – the governors whose laws and policies determine the welfare of millions; the would-be world-rulers, the dictators and empire-builders, who have it in their power to plunge the globe into war. Think of Sennacherib and Nebuchadnezzar; think of Alexander, Napoleon, Hitler. Think of Nixon and Mao Tse-tung…think now of Putin, Obama, Kim Jong-un, and others… 

Do you suppose that it is really these men who determine which way the world shall go? Think again; for God is greater than the world’s great men. He “brings the princes to nothing; He makes the rulers of the earth as vanity” (Isaiah 40:23). He is, as the Prayer Book says, “The only ruler of princes.” Behold your God indeed!

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