Why did the incarnation of Jesus Christ take place?


During the Advent season,

we remember that it was real flesh that Christ took;

not the image of a body, but a true body.

In the creation, man was made in God’s image;

in the incarnation God was made in man’s image.

Was there no other way for the restoring of fallen man

but that God should take flesh?

We must not ask for a reason for God’s will.

It is dangerous to pry into God’s ark.

We are not to dispute but adore.

The wise God saw it to be the best way for our redemption –

that Christ should be incarnate.

It was not fit for any to satisfy God’s justice but man;

But none could do it but God;

Therefore, Christ being both God and man,

is the only one fit to undertake this work of redemption.

  • Adapted from Thomas Watson

At Christmas, it does the soul well to reflect on the humiliation our Lord endured for us.

The Westminster Shorter Catechism, question 27 explains it succinctly and completely:

Q27. How was Christ humiliated?

Christ was humiliated:

by being born as a man and born into a poor family;

by being made subject to the law

and suffering the miseries of this life,

the wrath of God, and the curse of death on the cross;

and by being buried

and remaining under the power of death for a time.

How can we not gladly surrender all to one who sacrificed so much for us?


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