Psalm 46 – A Rebuke to a Restless, Turbulent World

Ps. 46:10 declares “Be still and know that I am God.”
This injunction is not, in the first place,
comfort for the harassed, but a rebuke to a restless and turbulent world. ‘Quiet” in fact… It resembles the command to another raging sea:
“Peace! Be still!’ And the end in view is stated in terms not of man’s hopes
but of God’s glory.

His firm intention, ‘I will be exalted,’ is enough
to arouse the resentment of the proud
but also the longing and resolve of the humble who pray:
‘Be exalted, O God, above the heavens’ (Ps 57:11).
—Derek Kidner

Prayer based on Psalm 46:
Lord God, our refuge and strength,
when the restless powers of this world and the waters of hell
rise up against your holy city,
watch over it and keep it safe.
By the river that flows from the throne of the Lamb,
purify us, your new Jerusalem,
as your chosen dwelling,
for you are with us,
our stronghold now and forever. AMEN.

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