Worship Reflections – Romans 16:17-27

‘The only wise God’ deserves all praise, honor, and glory since He is the originator and sustainer of His wonderful plan for redemption. His objective “to bring about the obedience of faith” from among the nations will be realized (Romans 16:26). Satan is the accuser of Christians who undermines grace and assurance, makes Christians insecure, … Continue reading Worship Reflections – Romans 16:17-27

Reflections for Worship – Romans 16:1-16

One biblical scholar writes that Romans 16 "is one of the most instructive chapters of the New Testament because it encourages personal relationships of love in the church." —  Emil Brunner The warmth of Christian friendship evident in these verses (with so many indications of warm affection) reminds us that in a world of fractured … Continue reading Reflections for Worship – Romans 16:1-16

Reflections for Worship – Romans 15:14-33

No church can be built up in gospel harmony without reaching out with gospel zeal,and no church can reach out with the authentic gospel unless at the same time they are being built up in gospel peace... The full measure of the blessing of Christ does not rest on the successful, but on those whose … Continue reading Reflections for Worship – Romans 15:14-33