The Delight That Removes Distress – 2 Corinthians 8:9

What is distressing to you right now? What is causing you stress? It could be a lingering illness, the shaky economy, joblessness, or spending the holidays with your extended family. How easy it is to succumb to discouragement and depression and to lose hope. How does the Lord strengthen us to face the distressing and … Continue reading The Delight That Removes Distress – 2 Corinthians 8:9

My Dilemma and God’s Delight

According to Isaiah 40, what’s our dilemma?  There’s a huge problem.  You and I cannot fulfill our destiny. The problem is mentioned twice in vv. 1-2 of chapter 40…SIN Most try to deny this problem and appeal to the goodness of man. Scripture writers reveal that the path to freedom and to fulfilling our destiny … Continue reading My Dilemma and God’s Delight

What’s My Destiny, Momma?

All of us are on a quest to find and fulfill our destiny.  The soul searching question on the lips of the infamous Forrest Gump has plagued every thinking human being: "What's my destiny, Momma?" When Forrest rescues Lt. Dan from certain death on the battlefield, Dan furiously rages, "I had a destiny. I was … Continue reading What’s My Destiny, Momma?