A Mercies Diary (aka a Thankful List)

In my studies this morning I came across a tool from which all of us could benefit. Not long ago, I was on a stroll in the neighborhood with one of my daughters and her baby. For some reason, I went on a tirade of complaining and negativity throughout the walk. Towards the end, she … Continue reading A Mercies Diary (aka a Thankful List)

A Primer on Family Worship

I.         What is family worship?A.    What is worship?A Working Definition:“To worship the triune God is …                                    to quicken the conscience by His holiness                                    to feed the mind with His truth                                    to purge the imagination by His beauty                                    to open the heart to His love and to devote the will to His purpose.B.        What then is … Continue reading A Primer on Family Worship

Three Family Faith Busters

Every Christian parent  desires to see their children embracing a vibrant faith in Jesus and serving well His kingdom purpose throughout their lives (3 John 4; Acts 13:36). To this end, our children’s ministry recently hosted a number of parents from both inside and outside our church to hear noted speaker and best-selling author, Vicki … Continue reading Three Family Faith Busters