Messaging the Gospel into Our Hearts

GOD CALLS US TO CONFESS OUR SINS In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength, but you would have none of it. Yet the LORD longs to be gracious to you; he rises to show you compassion. For the LORD is a God of justice. Blessed are all who … Continue reading Messaging the Gospel into Our Hearts

A Spiritual Workout – Using the Psalms to Transform Sadness into Joy

Our God specializes in transforming sadness into joy. The ultimate demonstration of this is our Lord’s resurrection which we celebrate every Sunday. Yet, God’s people have celebrated through the centuries that sorrow and suffering never have the last word in their lives. For example, King David offers a rationale for why we cannot remain silent … Continue reading A Spiritual Workout – Using the Psalms to Transform Sadness into Joy

A Well-Ordered Heart

“What does it mean to have a well-ordered heart?” To have a well-ordered heart “is to love the right thing to the right degree in the right way with the right kind of love.” Christopher Hall, Living Wisely with the Church Fathers (p. 221). Westmont, IL: IVP Academic. Quoting John Ortberg in the book The … Continue reading A Well-Ordered Heart

What Can You Do In Times of Trouble?

In the world we often experience times of trouble. Unwanted change avalanches upon us. Trials come, and we find ourselves in a place we don't like to be - NEEDY. King David did as well. Our natural response is to fret, worry, become fearful, angry, resentful, and controlling. Inn Psalm 9, King David counters these … Continue reading What Can You Do In Times of Trouble?

In Anxious Times…

Remember the birds and the lilies. Dr. Helmut Thielicke preached a course of sermons on the Sermon on the Mount in St Mark’s Church, Stuttgart, during the terrible years (1946–1948) which immediately followed World War II. He often alluded to the scream of the air-raid sirens, alerting people to yet more devastation and death from … Continue reading In Anxious Times…

Beginning a New Year Well

One of the best ways that you can begin your new year. I would encourage you to reflect upon and pray through this covenant that John Wesley wrote. Back in the olden days, the Methodists would have a service where the entire congregation would renew their vow to live faithfully for the Lord in the … Continue reading Beginning a New Year Well

The Legacy of Rose Vaught – My Great-Grandmother

by Elizabeth Cain Johnson, the great-granddaughter of Rose Vaught. This tribute was written back in 2005 when Elizabeth as in high school. My great-grandmother possessed energy, strength, and a keen recollection. Rose or Rosie, as everyone affectionately called her, lived a long life of 93 years, and died peacefully in her home in Bladenboro, North … Continue reading The Legacy of Rose Vaught – My Great-Grandmother

Praying Scripture | 2 Thessalonians 1:1-12

At the beginning of 2023, I am beginning a sermon series on "What Matters Most." The first thing that matters most is that we possess true, saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. According to the below passage, the possession of true, saving faith in Jesus not only transforms our ultimate destiny but also how … Continue reading Praying Scripture | 2 Thessalonians 1:1-12

Praying Scripture | Revelation 22:6–21

Preparation: Pray and Read Through Your Passage Record your prayer for God’s help. Father, your desire to reveal your will and plan to your servants is greater than our desire to know it. As we study your Word, grant us a growing capacity to trust and obey you in all things. For, you promise to … Continue reading Praying Scripture | Revelation 22:6–21

Praying Scripture | Revelation 21:1–8

Preparation: Pray and Read Through Your Passage Holy Father, the pressure to compromise our allegiance to Jesus Christ is great. Galvanize us with fresh courage by opening our eyes to the wonderful ending of the story of human history and what awaits in the future. AMEN Adoration: Praise God for Who He Is What should … Continue reading Praying Scripture | Revelation 21:1–8