Prepare Your Heart for Palm Sunday

No matter where you are tomorrow, Jesus continues to ride on in majesty and mercy to the door of people's hearts, and he wants to come and reign unrivaled and supreme on the throne of your heart. Our celebration of Palm Sunday, which is the beginning of Holy Week, helps us to do just that. … Continue reading Prepare Your Heart for Palm Sunday

Prayers of Confession for Palm Sunday

Prayer Sample #1:Holy Father,long ago the crowds with incessant hallelujahsgreeted Your dearly loved Son,but how quickly they mockedas He went lonely to the cross.Forgive us for the ways that we, too,have welcomed Him only in wordsand resisted His kingship.Subdue our restless and rebellious heartsso that we might serve You faithfullythrough Jesus Christ our Lord,who is … Continue reading Prayers of Confession for Palm Sunday

Can a True Believer Fall Away?

This coming Sunday we will hear again the story of how one of Jesus' original disciples fell in his spiritual journey. In light of this study, It is vital that we remember what we believe about the perseverance of the saints. Listen to what our Westminster Confession of Faith, Chapter 17, Points 1 & 3 … Continue reading Can a True Believer Fall Away?

Because You Love Jesus…

Jack Miller served for years as a writer, pastor, seminary professor, and missionary. He constantly and uncomfortably asked probing questions of those who read his books. Here’s one that fits well with this Sunday's sermon text (John 21:1-23) from his book Outgrowing the Ingrown Church: Have you done a single good deed recently simply because … Continue reading Because You Love Jesus…

The Riches of Divine Friendship for Ordinary People

How often we want to be extraordinary and live radically for Jesus. Yet, if we are honest, we feel our extreme ordinariness every day. Look around the charcoal fire that Jesus starts in order to feed his hungry band of struggling followers: "These are ordinary men whom Jesus invited to his table of fellowship that … Continue reading The Riches of Divine Friendship for Ordinary People

Ashes on Ash Wednesday

Friends, today is Ash Wednesday on the church's calendar. It starts the season of Lent that is a forty-day preparation period for Easter Sunday. Count back forty days from Easter (excluding Sundays) and you will arrive at this Wednesday… exactly seven weeks before Easter. This forty-day period corresponds to Jesus’ forty-day fast in the wilderness … Continue reading Ashes on Ash Wednesday

Advent Week #2: Relinquishing Riches To Make Us Rich

We all have difficulty relinquishing things that we cherish. I still remember my first ten-speed bicycle. It was a fully equipped, Schwinn beauty that I received as a Christmas present. Not long after I received it, I allowed a friend to borrow it for a quick ride. She proceeded to get hit by a car … Continue reading Advent Week #2: Relinquishing Riches To Make Us Rich

Prayer of Confession of Sin – Philippians 2:1-11

Holy and gracious Father, You have a most scandalous way of rescuing proud people: The One who possesses real authority to assert His rights lays them aside to humbly serve and die for us. We beseech Your forgiveness for our pride which has destroyed our ability to truly love and care for others. We confess … Continue reading Prayer of Confession of Sin – Philippians 2:1-11

The Powerful Benefits of Communion

What benefits should you expect to receive when you celebrate the Lord's Supper? 1 . Right reception of the Lord’s Supper has a “humbling” effect on the soul. The bread and wine serve as emblems of Christ’s body and blood and remind us of how sinful sin must be! 2 . Right reception of the … Continue reading The Powerful Benefits of Communion

Praying Scripture | Revelation 5

A. Preparation: Pray and Read Through Your Passage Record your prayer for God’s help. Father, you are the enthroned God of heaven who rules over all. Jesus, you are the slain Lamb whose sacrifice purchases our redemption. Speak to me as I unburden my heart in your presence and answer you from your Word in … Continue reading Praying Scripture | Revelation 5