Putting on Airs vs. Putting on Armor

A Prayer of Confession

Gracious heavenly Father,
we confess that we put on airs
more often than we put on Your armor.
Forgive us for our self-promotion,
self-protection and self-reliance.
Pardon us for not cherishing and trusting in Your gifts
of righteousness, faith, and salvation
during times of temptation and spiritual conflict.
Transform us by Your Spirit
so that we live as good soldiers of Jesus Christ.
For we pray in His strong name,
Who is our strength and our defender. Amen.

A Good Word from John Calvin on Spiritual Warfare

“We have been forewarned
that an enemy relentlessly threatens us,
an enemy who is the very embodiment
of rash boldness,
of military prowess,
of crafty wiles,
of untiring zeal and haste,
of every conceivable weapon
and of skill in the science of warfare.

We must, then, bend our every effort to this goal:
That we should not let ourselves be overwhelmed
by carelessness or faintheartedness,
but, on the contrary, with courage rekindled stand our ground in combat.”