How Jesus Followers Face Injustice

The crescendo of voices crying out for justice in our land reminds me of Jesus' parable of the persistent widow against whom a great injustice had been committed and the unjust judge. Widows back in Jesus' day were very vulnerable and often taken advantage of. The Persistent Widow and the Unjust Judge Jesus says, in … Continue reading How Jesus Followers Face Injustice

William Wallace, Jesus Christ & The Fire of Virtue

This is the statue of William Wallace, the esteemed freedom fighter of Scotland. After Wallace's death, his successor Robert the Bruce begged to see his commander before he was buried: "Show me that heroic face from whose beams my heart first caught the fire of virtue!" May the Lord unveil to us that face that … Continue reading William Wallace, Jesus Christ & The Fire of Virtue

Behold THE Face to Meet All Faces

“Because Jesus Christ alone is the Lord of glory, we are to reject the kinds of pretense and discrimination toward other people that depend on a working theory of our own personal superiority.  Because of His glory, we are able to relax, without the need to impress other people with our glory.  This becomes for … Continue reading Behold THE Face to Meet All Faces