A Primer on Family Worship

I.         What is family worship?A.    What is worship?A Working Definition:“To worship the triune God is …                                    to quicken the conscience by His holiness                                    to feed the mind with His truth                                    to purge the imagination by His beauty                                    to open the heart to His love and to devote the will to His purpose.B.        What then is … Continue reading A Primer on Family Worship

Family Discipleship – Passing the Baton of Faith

The most perilous moment in a relay race centers on the exchange of the baton from one runner to the next. This fitting metaphor perfectly describes parenting our children. For a Christian parent, there is nothing more important than passing the baton of faith and teaching our children the praiseworthy works and powerful word of … Continue reading Family Discipleship – Passing the Baton of Faith