Family Discipleship – Passing the Baton of Faith

The most perilous moment in a relay race centers on the exchange of the baton from one runner to the next. This fitting metaphor perfectly describes parenting our children.

For a Christian parent, there is nothing more important than passing the baton of faith and teaching our children the praiseworthy works and powerful word of God.

Family worship/devotions doesn’t have to be a herculean task. You can sing a verse or two of a hymn or praise song, read a short portion of Scripture, draw out one simple point of application, ask a question from a children’s catechism and have one or two kids pray. You can do this in five to ten minutes right before or after a meal. For most of us, it will be either breakfast or supper. I would urge you, like Bill Murray in “What About Bob?,” to take baby steps. You might try doing this once or twice a week if you’ve never done this with your family before.

One thing is for sure: A wise son makes a glad father, and it is in hearing and heeding the word of God that will make a son wise.

Click the link below for a brief guide you can download that will take you through Psalm 78:1-9 with some questions on Family Discipleship.

Passing the Baton of Faith


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