Receiving & Giving Neighbor Love

Jesus is the Great Samaritan to whom the Good Samaritan points... Before you can give this neighbor-love, you need to receive it. Only if you see that you have been saved graciously by someone who owes you the opposite will you go out into the world looking to help absolutely anyone in need. — Timothy … Continue reading Receiving & Giving Neighbor Love

Reflections on the Good Samaritan

Before we go rushing down the Jericho road imagining ourselves the heroes of the story, we need to be quiet, allow ourselves to be comforted, and listen in on the conversations in the Hotel Compassion, where all the talk is about the compassion of the Lord. — Patrick J. Willson Let no one glean from Jesus’ … Continue reading Reflections on the Good Samaritan

Devoted to Loving Our Neighbor Well – Questions for Reflection

This past Sunday we learned what it looks like to be  a church devoted to loving our neighbors well (Luke 10:25-37). Here are some follow-up questions and Scriptures for further study. There was One who into earth’s bitter waters of sin, injustice, hatred, and revenge poured a crimson flood to make them sweet.  Never was … Continue reading Devoted to Loving Our Neighbor Well – Questions for Reflection