Devoted to Loving Our Neighbor Well – Questions for Reflection

This past Sunday we learned what it looks like to be  a church devoted to loving our neighbors well (Luke 10:25-37).

Here are some follow-up questions and Scriptures for further study.

There was One who into earth’s bitter waters of sin, injustice, hatred, and revenge poured a crimson flood to make them sweet.  Never was any man more unjustly sinned against.  The world He loved drove nails into His hands and feet.  Yet He prayed (Luke 23:34).  Remind us Lord that we your servants are not above You, our Lord. Take time to ask the Lord’s forgiveness for all the ways that you have not been merciful to others.

We are all like that man, dying in the road. Spiritually, we are ‘dead in trespasses and sins’ (Ephesians 2:1-5). Jesus came into our dangerous world and came down our road. And though we had been his enemies, he had compassion upon us (Romans 5:10). He came and saved us, not merely at the risk of his life, but at the cost of his life. Jesus is the Great Samaritan. Praise Him today for His costly sacrifice.

Loving our neighbors as ourselves means
to be patient, peace-loving, gentle, merciful, and friendly toward them, to protect them from harm as much as we can, and to do good even to our enemies. How are you doing at this? Romans 12:10-18

What happens in your life when you forget how merciful and compassionate Jesus has been to you? See Luke 18:9-14. For me personally, I become judgmental and critical of others. I isolate and insulate myself from the pain and problems of others.

To whom is God calling you to extend His mercy and compassion? The Good Samaritan serves as a guide for us. Jesus says, “You go and do likewise.” Luke 10:36-37 . Who needs your help?

Who are the vulnerable who have experienced oppression, prejudice, injustice, and violence in our world and community that we can and should serve?

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