The Struggle to Believe in Sovereign Grace

If you have ever struggled to believe in God's sovereignty in the salvation of sinners. Below are quotes from distinquished authors who recount this struggle and explain succinctly the practical implications for resting your salvation in the hands of a sovereign God: Men will never worship God with a sincere heart, or be roused to fear … Continue reading The Struggle to Believe in Sovereign Grace

Reflections on “Blessed are the meek!”

Christ was master of the paradox. His teaching is salted with shining contrasts like: Last is first, giving is receiving, dying is living, losing is finding, least is greatest, poor is rich, weakness is strength, serving is ruling. For Christ, paradoxes were an especially effective way of getting people to see essential spiritual truth – … Continue reading Reflections on “Blessed are the meek!”

Generous Justice for the Oppressed

This Sunday we will conclude our sermon series on The Mission of Trinity Church from the prophecy of Isaiah. Our sermon tomorrow comes from Isaiah 58. The theme is: Generous Justice for the Oppressed. Here's a link to our personal worship guide to use this coming week as we delve more deeply into the implications … Continue reading Generous Justice for the Oppressed

The Hazards of Life and the Help of the Lord

A Brief Study Guide: The Hazards of Life and the Help of the Lord Sinclair Ferguson, a Scottish man, who serves as Senior Minister for First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, South Carolina tells this fascinating account of a powerful use of this particular Psalm. The year was 1582 AD. The Scottish minister John Drury had been … Continue reading The Hazards of Life and the Help of the Lord