A Resource for Praying the Psalms

In recent days, several wonderful devotional books have been written on the Psalms. One notable example that I am presenting using is Tim and Kathy Keller's, The Songs of Jesus: A Year of Daily Devotions in the Psalms. I cannot too highly recommend this resource. Below is a link of my own thesis I wrote a … Continue reading A Resource for Praying the Psalms

Cultivating a Healthy Marriage – Clothed with Humility

During your early years of marriage, you will discover that developing a good marriage is a lot like cultivating a garden (recall Tim Keller’s talk on “Cultivating a Healthy Marriage"). A garden takes a lot of work and it costs more than you figured, it is messier than you anticipated, and it requires greater determination … Continue reading Cultivating a Healthy Marriage – Clothed with Humility

Good Friday and Three Truths the Cross Enforces

When the Apostle Peter discovered that Jesus would experience humiliation and suffering, he exploded, "God forbid, Lord! This shall never happen to you." Then, Jesus' offered a devastating rebuke: "Get behind me, Satan, you are a stumbling block" (16:22-23). Jesus reminded him and us that the son of man came to give His life. This … Continue reading Good Friday and Three Truths the Cross Enforces

In Times of Spiritual Dryness

All of us go through times of spiritual drought and dryness. When I was a college student, I encountered this for the first time and it concerned me greatly. I was helped by reading a little book called The Green Letters by Miles Stanford. The title has been changed now to Principles of Spiritual Growth. … Continue reading In Times of Spiritual Dryness

Generous Justice for the Oppressed

This Sunday we will conclude our sermon series on The Mission of Trinity Church from the prophecy of Isaiah. Our sermon tomorrow comes from Isaiah 58. The theme is: Generous Justice for the Oppressed. Here's a link to our personal worship guide to use this coming week as we delve more deeply into the implications … Continue reading Generous Justice for the Oppressed