One Master Passion – Advance the Gospel

J. Campbell White

J. Campbell White, the head of the Laymen’s Missionary Movement, said in 1906 that:

“Most men and women are not satisfied with the permanent output of their lives.  Nothing can wholly satisfy the life of Christ within His followers except the adoption of Christ’s purpose toward the world He came to redeem.  Fame, pleasure, and riches are but husks and ashes in contrast with the boundless and abiding joy of working with God for the fulfillment of His eternal plans.  The men and women who are putting everything into Christ’s undertaking are getting out of life its sweetest and most priceless rewards.”




Robert Moffat

Robert Moffat – God challenged Robert in the sanctuary of his soul saying: “Will you give up your plans for My plans? Are you willing to suffer that the lost may be saved?” “Yes, Lord,” he said aloud, and henceforth he was consumed with one master passion — to take the gospel to some far-away land of darkness.


“We shall have all eternity in which to celebrate our victories, but we have only one swift hour before the sunset in which to win them.”

William Hotchkiss, looking back over a long life of missionary service in Africa, wrote:  “I have dwelt forty years practically alone in Africa.  I have been 39 times stricken with the fever, three times attacked by lions, and several times by rhinoceri; but let me say to you, I would gladly go through the whole thing again, if I could have the joy of again bringing that word ‘Savior’ and flashing it into the darkness that envelopes another tribe in Central Africa.”

What one thing is the Lord asking you to do this week to advance his gospel either by word or deed?


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