When The Gentle King of Glory Comes In

When the gentle King of Glory comes into the citadel of your heart, his gentleness begins to pervade your life. We often think of a gentle or meek person as weak-willed, quiet, and reserved. However, a succinct description of gentleness/meekness is: The readiness to suffer wrong by entrusting everything to God. The biblical symbol of meekness is the lamb, which is silent before the shearers.

Gentleness/meekness (in Greek, praotes) refers to being self-controlled. It is the opposite of vindictiveness and revenge. The word is used of animals tamed in order to harness their strength for constructive not destructive means. Meekness is power under control.

Charles Hodge defines meekness as, “that unresisting, uncomplaining disposition of mind, which enables us to bear without irritation or resentment the faults and injuries of others.” It involves a surrendered will toward the Lord, i.e., His providence and His Word.

The meek person lacks two things: A self-will toward God and an ill-will toward others!

Why is it that we are called to come to Jesus when we are weary and loaded with the heavy burdens of sin and the brokenness of life in our fallen world? Matthew 11:29 declares that Jesus is meek and lowly in heart.

In your weariness are you coming to the King and treating Him like the King that He is? To whom do you need to show some gentleness today – maybe someone who has injured you? If we’ve experienced His gentleness, how can we not extend it to others?

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