Wednesday Vespers – When the Spirit Comes with Power

Some of you have asked what do you do in a vespers service. Well, there are many things you can do, but we do five things together in Wednesday vespers together:

  • We sing a hymn and offer worship to the Lord.
  • We read a Psalm and offer prayers of praise to the Lord based upon our reading.
  • We read a chapter of the book of Acts and study it briefly.
  • We then divide up into groups and pray for our church in light of what we have read and studied.
  • Lastly, we celebrate the Lord’s supper together.

Below are links to our most recent Vespers Service. Let me urge you to come join us on Wednesday nights from 7-8 PM and feast on God’s strengthening grace through Word, prayer, and sacrament.

#1 – The Risen Christ Commissions and Renews (Acts 1)

#2 – When the Spirit Comes with Power (Acts 2)

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