Why worship at Christmas time?

Wesley_C“Gaze on that helpless object of endless adoration!
Those infant hands
shall burst our bands
and work out our salvation;
Strangle the crooked serpent;
destroy his works forever,
And open set the heavenly gate
to every true believer.”

Charles Wesley

Is there one right worship style?

There is not one right style or form for worship.

Reggie Kidd writes:

Jesus Christ our Worship Leader (Hebrews 2:11-12) has taken innumerable forms of worship across the centuries and across the world and made them His own; The chants of the Gregorian monks. The Psalms of the Scottish Presbyterians… the beloved hymns of our faith… the spiritual songs of the Jesus movement in the early ’70s.

If it pleases Jesus to distribute his voice among a wide range of singers and musical dialects, it would profit us to accommodate our preferences and principles to his.

Wednesday Vespers – When the Spirit Comes with Power

Some of you have asked what do you do in a vespers service. Well, there are many things you can do, but we do five things together in Wednesday vespers together:

  • We sing a hymn and offer worship to the Lord.
  • We read a Psalm and offer prayers of praise to the Lord based upon our reading.
  • We read a chapter of the book of Acts and study it briefly.
  • We then divide up into groups and pray for our church in light of what we have read and studied.
  • Lastly, we celebrate the Lord’s supper together.

Below are links to our most recent Vespers Service. Let me urge you to come join us on Wednesday nights from 7-8 PM and feast on God’s strengthening grace through Word, prayer, and sacrament.

#1 – The Risen Christ Commissions and Renews (Acts 1)

#2 – When the Spirit Comes with Power (Acts 2)