A Prayer of Confession based upon Luke 12:13-21

Audio Version: A Prayer of Confession based on Luke 12:13-21

Generous Father, 

How prone we are to cry ‘foul’ where we have experienced a perceived injustice or personal slight. Yet You are a God of perfect justice who reconciles us to Yourself through an act of inconceivable injustice against Your perfectly innocent Son… Jesus.

We find it hard to resist the lie that life consists in the abundance of possessions. We are conditioned to believe that bigger is better.  An insatiable desire for security and social status breeds greed in our hearts. We tend to become consumed with ourselves and overlook the needs of others. Frequently, we plan for the future with no regard for You and Your will. 

We beseech Your forgiveness for our sins and offer our thanks that You are a Father who promises to meet the needs of Your children. Banish from our hearts a fretful, unbelieving tendency, and give us a new resolve to trust You and find our security in who we are rather than in what we have. AMEN.

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