How to pray Scripture? A Guide through Revelation 3:1-6

1. Preparation: Pray and Read Through Your Passage

Record your prayer for God’s help.

Open up my eyes to the fair beauty of you my merciful Lord who comes to wake up a church full of hypocrites so that we might enjoy an intimate, eternal companionship with our Lord. Send the reviving wind of your Spirit into my heart! AMEN.

2. Adoration: Praise God for Who He Is

What should you praise God for based on your passage?

  1. Jesus lovingly rebukes us for our spiritual lethargy and decay.
  2. Jesus takes the initiative to revive his church and awaken her devotion to her Lord.
  3. Jesus has the means for reviving a dead church: Spirit (the seven spirits of God) and Word (the words of him and the ones who deliver those words – the seven stars).
  4. Jesus prescribes the steps for revival: Wake up by strengthening what remains.

What does Jesus promise those who heed his call for revival?

  1. They will be clothed in white garments in heaven.
  2. They will walk with him in white garments now and throughout eternity in heaven.
  3. Their names will never ever be blotted out of the book of life.
  4. Their names will be confessed openly before the Father and his angels.

3. Confession: Acknowledge and Turn from your Sinfulness

What sin should you confess based on your passage?

The sin of appearing to be better than I really am. Hypocrisy – when my conduct does not match my creed. Not living in light of the gospel and forgetting what I have received and heard. Spiritual apathy and lethargy in my pursuit of God. Compromising with the world and living by its false values, priorities, and commitments. Caring more about my reputation with others than with the Lord. Rejoicing in so many other things and people rather than in knowing that my name is written in the Lamb’s book of life. Trying to appear better to others than I really am.

4. Thanksgiving: Express Gratitude for God’s Works and Gifts

What should you thank God for based upon your passage?

  1. I am thankful that there is a way to be reconciled to a holy God after soiling your garments (sinning overtly against the Lord and His Word… wash them in the blood of the Lamb).
  2. I am thankful that you delight to especially honor those who keep themselves unstained by the world. You know them by name. Pour out upon us your Spirit of holiness.
  3. I am thankful that Jesus is the elder brother who is not ashamed to call me his brother and call my name out in the throne room of heaven before God himself and all the holy angels.

5. Supplication: Ask God to Meet Your Spiritual and Physical Needs

What should you ask for yourself based on your passage?

  1. Show me Lord my true spiritual condition. Where my conduct does not match my creed? Where a dry, heartless formalism may be entering into my ministry? Is there anything that I have put my hand and heart to do right now that is not complete in your sight? Give me grace to finish it!
  2. Deliver me from compromising with the world and its values. Free me from soiling or defiling my garments by falling into sin and temptation.
  3. Lord, may I have the privilege of walking with you in a white garment in heaven. To hear my name read out load in the corridors of the great judgment hall and to experience ultimate affirmation.

6. Consecration: Commit to Obeying God’s Will

What should you commit to doing based on your passage?

  1. Wake up.
  2. Strengthen what remains (my faith – faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word of God (Romans 10:17). Hope (Romans 15:4), Love that is poured into our hearts by the HS (Romans 5:5).
  3. Complete/finish my works of love for Christ (cultivate servant-hearted love for one another, humble teachable spirit towards one another, maintain purity in your thoughts, words and actions).
  4. Remember what I have received and heard – the gospel and the Word of God read and proclaimed.
  5. Keep, guard, and obey God’s Word.
  6. Repent when I am convicted by the Spirit using the Word in your life.
  7. Keep my garments clean – resolve to live a holy life pleasing to the Lord.
  8. Hear what the Spirit is saying to me through His Word.

7. Intercession: Ask God to Meet the Needs of Others

Record your prayer for God’s help.

  1. Pour out the fullness of your Spirit upon us who stand in need of spiritual renewal.
  2. May your Word convict us of what is amiss in our thoughts, lives, attitudes, and actions. Convict us for our tendency to image manage and pretending that we are better than we really are. Forgive us for thinking that what other people think is the real standard rather than what you think.
  3. Grant us grace to experience a spiritual awakening that will result in us possessing personally a real, soul-absorbing confident in the gospel (that which we have received and heard). May your Word come alive in us and give us grace for what we cannot see.
  4. Give us a renewed capacity to delight to do what you command and to be quick to repent and to refuse to make excuses or blame shift.
  5. May your promises of walking personally with you in white in glory and hearing you read from your book of life our names so galvanize us to live faithfulness and devotedly in our service to you our great brother, captain, and KING. AMEN.

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