Lavish Love for Returning Prodigals

The prodigal comes to a transforming experience of repentance.
True repentance always issues into joy.
The father takes his finest garment,
worn only on special occasions or festivals,
and puts it on his son —
a sure sign of acceptance to the community.
The signet ring, a symbol of trust,
and sandals, showing he’s a free man, not a slave,
are placed upon him.
The father involves the whole community
in the celebration by announcing, “Let’s kill the fatted calf.”
A calf would feed at least one-hundred people.
So everyone participates in the reconciliation.
The son whose sin separated him
is now reconciled by his father’s grace.
The one who wished his father dead
is now made alive by his father’s mercy.
He was willing to return as a servant,
but his father’s great love restores him as a son.
Truly, celebration is in order.

– Dwight Pryor

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