“Godly sorrow works repentance.”

—2 Corinthians 7:10 Genuine, spiritual mourning for sin is the work of the Spirit of God. Repentance is too choice a flower to grow in nature’s garden. Pearls grow naturally in oysters, but penitence never shows itself in sinners except divine grace works it in them. If you have one particle of real hatred for … Continue reading “Godly sorrow works repentance.”

The Portrait of Prodigal Love – Luke 15

Who is the Real Prodigal in this Parable?  Tradition assigned the title “prodigal” to the son, but it more rightly describes the Father. The definition of prodigal: Extravagant, exceedingly lavish, and unrestrained. A Portrait of the Father’s Prodigal Love: Our Prodigal Father joyfully restores returning prodigals. Our prodigal Father is generous (v.11,12). Why would the son want … Continue reading The Portrait of Prodigal Love – Luke 15

Reflections on Repentance that Leads to Life

The believer in Christ is a ‘lifelong’ repenter. He begins with repentance, and ends with repentance. Repentance is a change of mind regarding sin and God, an inward turning from sin to God. Repentance is hating what you once loved, and loving what you once hated, exchanging irresistible sin for an irresistible Christ. — Jim … Continue reading Reflections on Repentance that Leads to Life

Lavish Love for Returning Prodigals

The prodigal comes to a transforming experience of repentance. True repentance always issues into joy. The father takes his finest garment, worn only on special occasions or festivals, and puts it on his son -- a sure sign of acceptance to the community. The signet ring, a symbol of trust, and sandals, showing he's a … Continue reading Lavish Love for Returning Prodigals

Treasuring Prodigals (Luke 15:1-3, 11-32)

I recently preached on Jesus' famous parable. Here's what struck me most: As we think rightly of our Father and treasure Him as the real prodigal in this story, we will become more intentional in sharing His pursuit of other prodigals, whether they are prodigal in their rebellion and self-centeredness or whether they are prodigal … Continue reading Treasuring Prodigals (Luke 15:1-3, 11-32)

Praying to a Prodigal Father

In a recent time of studying and meditating on the Lord's Prayer, I came across this wonderful piece from John Calvin on what we ought to reflect upon when we pray "our Father." "The exuberance of his paternal kindness he sets before us in the parable, (Luke 15:20) when the father with open arms receives … Continue reading Praying to a Prodigal Father