Confession of Sin – The Emmaus Walk

This prayer of confession of sin is based upon Luke 24 which chronicles the Emmaus walk.

O Almighty God, who brought again from the dead our Lord Jesus, we are unworthy of Your redeeming grace. We have not believed Your promises, nor trusted in You, our living Lord. Through worldliness of spirit, we have not discerned Your presence with us. Through discontentment in our minds and disappointments in our lives, our hearts have not burned within us as we have heard Your Word. We have not trusted in Your redeeming power, and have been overcome by evil. We have forgotten the joy of Christ’s victory over death, and ignore the things that belong to our peace. So now in humility we come to You, begging Your forgiveness. Mercifully grant us release from all our sins and restore to us the joy of Your salvation, for Christ’s sake, our risen Lord and heavenly advocate.  AMEN.


One thought on “Confession of Sin – The Emmaus Walk

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