When You Face a Desperate Situation

Psalm 11 teaches us to find our refuge in the Lord.

God of Refuge, how easy it is to pursue safety, security, and deliverance in our own ways and methods as we “flee to the mountains.” However, you are the only refuge. As you look down from heaven and see the foundations of our society being destroyed, LORD have mercy on us. The foundations of justice, truth, duty, honesty, marriage, vows faithfully performed, holiness, and family are being assaulted on all fronts. A fortress mentality and a spirit of discouragement and cynicism can so frequently plague us.

Help us to remember today that:
1. You are not absent from our lives and our country. You are in your throne room of glory where all angels, arch-angels, and saints worship you with joyful and awe-struck hearts (v.4)
2. You are not only there, you reign. Your throne is in heaven and you sit upon it and nothing is outside of your sovereign control (v.4).
3. You are the God who sees. Nothing is hidden from your sight (v.4). You especially see and test Your righteous ones (saints).
4. You are a God who judges those who love violence. Your judgment is spoken in terms descriptive of Sodom and Gomorrah.
5. You are a God whom the righteous alone will see (v.7). We will behold your face.

What a wonderful day that will be. Throughout redemptive history, no one was able to see Your face and live. This future prospect instills hope and anticipation in us. Thank you for purifying us by the blood of Your son so that we might savor the prospect of seeing You face to face (Matthew 5:8). AMEN.

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